CEVA’s Collaboration

June 6, 2012 11:49 am

 In June 2012, LPS-BIOSCIENCES started working with CEVA PHYLAXIA, a French group, globally ranked number 8 company in Animal Health. 

Thanks to its experience in the extraction and analysis of bacterial endotoxins, LPS-BIOSCIENCES worked on the purification and characterization of certain active ingredients in the composition of vaccines from CEVA’s portfolio.  The aim of this collaboration was also to prepare certain reagents needed for the quality control of these vaccines for animal production of the French group. These studies are conducted to enhance the biochemical characterization of the active ingredients, demonstrate the structure-function relationships in addition to efficacy studies carried out ex-vivo in the target animal (immunological studies cell cultures), using the material extracted, purified and characterized by LPS-BioSciences.

Two years later, the collaboration has resulted in various contracts and additional topics like the measurement of endotoxin level in complex environment.

Jerome Thevenon, R & D Ceva Phylaxia testifies, “an important point for us is the LPS-BioSciences capacity to integrate from the beginning of a project, industrial and regulatory constraints we are facing to respond to it by giving us access to fine structural analysis and expertise and helping us interpret and share our results. “

To do so, LPS-BioSciences relies on two capacities:

  • First of all, the know-how accumulated over 40 years of research by Dr. Martine CAROFF, a member and scientific councilor of the International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society (IEIIS)
  • Second, the experience and methodology of researchers of the company, like Dr. Alexey Novikov, R&D manager, in charge of developing new products and services in the fields of health, cosmetics and food industries.

LPS-BioSciences is also developing its own in-house vaccine adjuvants from an innovative process of detoxification of endotoxins. It started preclinical testing phase of its candidates with the goal to providing a proof of concept in mid-2015, for the use of its new molecules on the growing market of human and animal vaccine adjuvants.

Dr. Martine CAROFF  and Dr. Alexey at the IEEIS congress Tokyo 2012