Actibiome: CODIF latest product restoring the balance of bacteria

February 27, 2018 8:23 am

In recent months, Codif has launched several products that address the negative effects of a “hectic lifestyle”, such as slimming B-Shape and the skin-soothing Areaumat Perpetua.

Added to this list is Actibiome, which delivers a rebalancing action on facial skin microbiota, and which is particularly targeted at those whose stressful lifestyles have resulted in skin that is prone to breakouts and redness. Periods of stress, Codif showed, result in a larger population of total bacteria with significantly larger populations of Propionibacterium and Staphylococcus, and a smaller quantity of ‘unclassified’ bacteria, suggesting a reduction in diversity. Just one week’s use of Actibiome, however, not only reduces total bacteria but helps recover normal facial skin microbiota diversity. The ingredient is an exact ratio of 25g (per 100g) sugar-rich brown algae extract; 30g of amino acid and peptide-containing green microalgae extract; 25g of marine exopolysaccharide solution; and 20g Earth Marine Water, which is sourced from a ground water reservoir on the French island of Noirmoutier, and which contains trace elements of zinc, lithium and manganese in higher quantities than normal sea water. According to Codif, this ratio of four constituents provided optimal results in vitro.

Explaining why Codif was not using the term ‘prebiotic’ in its marketing, Pierre-Yves Morvan, Research and Development Director, said: “A prebiotic most of the time is a polysaccharide. The definition of a prebiotic is sugar that can be both recognised and used by the bacteria of the gut. This [Actibiome] is more. We use water and water is important for skin. Yes, we have sugar, but we also have nitrogen, carbons and trace elements, so it is much more. We prefer to say it is a diet for rebalancing skin microbiota.”

“At the level of the consumers and the suppliers, there is an awareness that nature can offer us some exceptional products” – Neil Astles, Global Marketing and New Business Development Manager, Ashland

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