Expert in Endotoxins Technology, LPS-BioSciences provides services, products and Research, to help companies from human and animal health, cosmetic, agriculture and food industry, with managing endotoxins issues.

Our goal is to offer a consistent range of services and developments to meet the needs associated with endotoxins. 


Boost-LPS platform

LPS-BioSciences develops tomorrow's adjuvants using bacterial endotoxins as powerful activators of the immune system.


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Our Services
  • Fast-LPS

    Giving you access to the quantity of LPS material you need, extracted from your own bacterial strain at the quality level you want.

  • Target-LPS

    Giving you access to the best LPS-antigens candidates for designing your vaccines and diagnostic tests with best immunogenic results.

  • Remov-LPS

    Giving you access to the best way to quantify and remove Endotoxins contaminants from your therapeutic production.





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