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An important point, is the ability of LPS-BioSciences to integrate from the start of each project, the industrial and regulatory constraints we are facing, and to provide us results resolving them.
Jérôme Thévenon, Head of Microbiology R&D at CEVA Phylaxia.
blockauoteOur decision to collaborate with LPS-Biosciences proved to be a turning point in one of our project. Besides the quality of the analyses expected from true LPS experts, our interactions with their team is smooth,  efficient, flexible and their reactivity is perfectly suited to our research needs.
Jean-Marc Ghigo, Head of a research unit at Pasteur institute.


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Expert in Endotoxins Technology, LPS - BioSciences provides services, products and Research, dealing with endotoxins, to companies from human and animal health, cosmetic, agriculture and food industry.

Our goal is to offer a consistent range of services and developments to meet the needs associated with endotoxins.



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Giving you access to the LPS material from your own bacterial strain at the quality level you need

Fast-LPS is a range of services designed for industrials and academics needing purified LPS from specific bacteria with exclusive extraction methods, going along with years of know-how. specifically designed for ultra purity, quality of LPS is guarantied by certificate.



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Giving you access to the best LPS candidates for designing your vaccines and diagnostic tests


Target-LPS is a range of services design for vaccine and diagnostic companies willing to select the best antigen for their product development. LPS-BioSciences know-how in structure to activity relationship enable to compare and select the best bacterial strains for their most immunogenic or specific LPS.


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Giving you access to the best way to quantify and remove LPS from your therapeutic production

Remov-LPS is a new range of services designed for industrial companies who are willing to remove endotoxins from therapeutic products. RemovShell enables you to respect Pyrogen and Endotoxins Testing regulatory obligations from FDA. This service is now available for Polysaccharide production.


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They Trusted us again in 2014 for another contract, and we thank them for theyr reliance !