Martine CAROFF, DrSc,  Founder and CSO


Martine defended her Dr. ès Sciences thesis in Paris Sud University followed by a one year post-doctoral stay in the Immunochemistry Department of the National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa, Canada.

As Director of the ESA “Endotoxins, Structures and Activities” group she is a Director at the French National Centre for Research (CNRS) and was also Head of a CNRS Group of Research. As a mass spectrometry specialist, she obtained the first spectra of native LPSs. One of her techniques for a new LPS extraction method is patented and was the basis of the R&D project that led to the creation of LPS-BioSciences. She was a recipient of the Paris Sud University Prize for Innovation and Valorisation in 2006, and was a laureate of the National Emergence Competition for innovative start-up projects in 2008 and for start-up creation in 2011. She has authored 111 publications in international journals, and 2 patents. She is a scientific councilor for the International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society (2010-2014).




Pr. Jean-Marc CAVAILLON, Co-founder and Expert in Innate Immunity


Jean-Marc was President of the "International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society” (1998-2000) of which he was a founding member. He has also an extensive expertise on cytokines, inflammation, and innate immunity. He initiated his biomedical research some twenty five years ago, particularly in the field of sepsis and systemic inflammation. He wrote the first book in French on cytokines (1993, 1996), and co-authored a book entitled "Sepsis and non-infectious inflammation: from biology to critical care " (2008).

Jean-Marc Cavaillon obtained his Doctorate in Science (Dr.Sc) in immunology from Paris VI University. After his post-doctoral training at the University of Toronto (Canada), he joined the Institut Pasteur where he made his entire career. He was Director of the course on General Immunology at the Institut Pasteur (1997-2002), Scientific Director of the “Euroconference" (2003-2006), and Director of the department “Infection and Epidemiology” (2006-2009). He is now chairing the Evaluation Committee of the Scientific Staff (2012-2013).

He is involved in many international immunology courses. He is a member of the Editorial Boards of several journals including “Innate Immunity” (former “Journal of Endotoxin Research"), “Shock”, and “Journal of Infectious Diseases”, and has been Associate-Editor of "Cytokine" (2002-2009). Pr. Jean-Marc Cavaillon has published 140 scientific articles, 73 reviews and 43 chapters in books on infection, innate immunity and septic shock.








Frederic CAROFF, MSc, MSBA, Co-founder and CEO


Frederic is in charge of Strategy, Global Management and Business Development.

Frederic is a repeat industrial manager with commercial entrepreneurship training. He holds a MSc from Ecole Centrale Paris in 2004 specialized in Industrial Management. He practiced "Lean Manufacturing" working with companies like Bouygues TP in Germany (2002), Gaz de France (2004), PSA Peugeot Citroen (2005). During 8 years, he built a strong experience in Team and Project Management. After creating LPS-BioSciences, he completed his training at HEC Business School in 2012 and during a specialized MBA in Entrepreneurship at ESSEC Business school in 2013. 






Alexey NOVIKOV, PhD,  R&D Manager


Alexey is the Research and Development Manager, and he is in charge of the Adjuvant Project.

Along his professional life he developed a multidisciplinary expertise in Chemistry (Chem. Engineer, Leningrad Institute of Technology, 1989), Physics (PhD, Radium Institute, St. Petersburg, 1996) and Biochemistry (HDR, Paris-Sud University, 2009). His PhD thesis on nano-cluster beams was followed by post-doctoral trainings at Uppsala University, Technical University Darmstadt and the Institutes of Nuclear Physics in Orsay and Lyon, progressively bringing him to analytical applications of nano-particles and mass-spectrometry in Biochemistry. As a member of the ESA “Endotoxins, Structures and Activities” group (2004-2011), he brought an important contribution to the studies of structural diversity and variability of endotoxins related to bacterial adaptation and virulence. He is a co-author of 40 articles published in international journals and 2 patents.




Stéphanie THEBAULT, PhD,  Operations Manager


Stéphanie is in charge of the Research Service activity of LPS-Biosciences.

She holds a MSc from Chimie ParisTech (2009) and she defended her doctoral thesis in Biochemistry at the Laboratoire de Biologie et de Pharmacologie Appliquée (LBPA, ENS Cachan, France) in collaboration with the Structural Biology department of the Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (IGBMC) of Strasbourg (2009-2013, France). During her PhD, she specialized in the study of apoptotic protein complexes. After working as an R&D engineer in the animal diagnostic department of Thermofisher (2014, Lyon, France), she joined LPS-Biosciences as Operations Manager.





Flavien DARDELLE, PhD, Diagnostic Manager – BACTI-DIAG Project Manager.


Flavien is in charge of the Diagnostic activity of LPS-BioSciences.

Flavien has a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Rouen (France, 2008-2011). He specialized in extraction and analysis of complex plant carbohydrates. He followed his education with two post-doctoral contracts, working on glycosylated proteins (2011-2012, University of Rouen) in agreement with the Universities of Madrid (Spain) and Munster (Germany), then working on microalgae polysaccharides for cosmetic and food processing industries (2013-2014, Fitoplancton Marino, Spain) in agreement with the University  of Athens (Greece), a CNRS laboratory (Grenoble, France) and a cosmetic company (Greece). He arrived at LPS-Biosciences in January 2015 as BACTI-DIAG Project Manager.











Yves COMBARNOUS, PhD, Expert in Reproductive Physiology and Molecular Endocrinology


Yves is Director of Research at the French National Centre for Research (CNRS).

He obtained his PhD in Biological Chemistry in Liège, Belgium. He has focused his research on the Structure-Function relationships of Glycoprotein Hormones involved in Reproduction. He is currently heading a research group at the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in Nouzilly where he was Head of an INRA-CNRS Unit of 140 people. He also headed a Distribution Center of Transgenic Animals (CDTA-CNRS) in Orleans for five years (2001-2005).

He is a Member and Scientific Secretary of the "Development-Reproduction-Evolution-Stem Cells"  (2008-2012) panel of the CNRS National Comity and has authored more than 100 publications in international journals, 1 patent and three books about hormone structures and cell signaling.





Pr. Marc G.J. FEUILLOLEY, Expert in Pathogen - Host interactions


Marc defended a PhD and “Habilitation to Direction of Research” in an INSERM laboratory of the University of Rouen (France). He joined the CHU Laval (Quebec, Canada) for two post-doctoral stays and was recruited as Assistant Professor at the University of Rouen in 1988. Promoted as full Professor in 1997, he created a team working on Cellular Microbiology (eukaryote-bacteria communication). Pr. Feuilloley is now Director of the Laboratory of Microbiology Signals and Microenvironment (LMSM EA4312) of the University of Rouen. Within the same time, from 2006 to 2011 he was also Director of the technology transfer organism ADIPpharm and in 2012, he founded BioAdmetys SAS with two partners. Initially specialized in Cell Biology and Microbiology, Pr. Feuilloley also developed an interest in In Vitro Toxicology and more specifically in content-containers interactions, working as an expert for French Agencies (ANR, AERES, AFSSET), Romanian Agencies (NURC, NASR), Health & Environment Canada, and private societies. Pr. Feuilloley is also a member of the Direction Boards of technological platform (PFT) Normandie Sécurité Sanitaire and of the Technopole Chimie-Biologie-Santé (Région Haute-Normandie), of the Scientific Board of the Pôle de Compétitivité Cosmetic-Valley (first world pôle de compétitivité in cosmetics) and Member of the Conseil National des Universités  (CNU65). Pr. Feuilloley is the author of 98 articles and 29 abstracts published in international peered reviewed journals, 9 reviews or book chapters, 1 patent and more than 200 oral and poster communications in national and international congresses.




Pr. Anita BERSELLINI, Specialist of Molecular Photophysics


Anita was teaching at the University of Paris–Sud-XI in Orsay and was President of this University from 2004 to 2009 after being Vice President of the Administration Board of this University; President of the Finance Committee  and Co-ordinator of a four-yearly budget.

She became the special advisor to the Prime Minister (Secretary of State responsible for the Paris region in 2009-2010) and authored several reports on the organization of Biological Sciences and Health in the Paris Sud Region. She was involved in the organization of the Saclay Grand Campus project at the highest level.

She set up and directed three professional courses (DEUST Laser, MST Optronics, NFI Optronics) and was Director of the NFI Optronique from 1991 to 1999. She authored more than 55 scientific publications, gave 72 invited conferences and was named Professor Emerita in 2010.