Publication of the results from the 18th FUI Grant:

The french ministry in charge of the competitiveness clusters, with the french regions, announced the funding of  67 projects selected during the 18th FUI Grant.

The final list is available on the following webpage:


The BactiDIAG project with LPS-BioSciences as industrial partner with BioRad and CEA Leti is part of the granted projects supported by BPI France and Île-de-France region.


The objective of the project is to commercialize a new rapid diagnostic test for sepsis which will enable early support of patients and a more efficient treatment



The European Eurofed Lipid Congress held in Montpellier in 14-17 September 2014 was gathering  900 participants.​


​Oils, Fats and Lipids were presented in domains like Health, Biology, Microbiology, Agriculture and Industry.


In a session devoted to Microbial lipids, Pr. J.-O. Lee from Korea gave a talk on "Recognition of lipopolysaccharides by TLR4 and its accessory proteins". This talk explained how different LPS structures were recognized by the MD2-TLR4 complex and was followed by examples in the presentation "Structures to activities relationships in the Bordetella lipopolysaccharides" presented by Dr. Martine Caroff​. It was shown how discrete modifications of lipid A structures could lead to drastic changes in the cytokine induction process.


LPS-BioSciences était présent du 4 au 6 Novembre à Vienne lors de BIO Europe pour présenter son savoir-faire et sa technologie à une trentaine d'entreprises du monde entier.


Nous avons rencontré de grands acteurs pharmaceutiques pour valider la pertinence de notre développement d'adjuvant ainsi que de nombreux producteurs de molécules thérapeutiques qui ont montré un vif intérêt pour notre nouvelle offre d'élimination des endotoxines.