LPS-BIOSCIENCES will participate to the Endotoxins Days in Lyon, September, 20th 2016.
Meet us there to discuss on the latest available endotoxins quantification methods and removal techniques.




LPS-BIOSCIENCES was selected as recipient by the CNRS for the call for projects against terrorism. This call was organized by Alain Fuchs, president of the National research organisation to promote projects that could help understanding, preventing and struggling against terrorists attacks after the Paris attacks in november.



LPS-BioSciences was selected in the first round of the September 2015 PM'up call for projects. Next round will be held in February 2016.




LPS-BioSciences is participating to the FRANCE R&D SCIENCES DAYS 2016, organized by SANOFI on the 25th of Mars in Port Marly, France.
Meet us there to discuss on latest trends in immunology and oncology research and the use of endotoxins in these fields.


LPS-BioSciences will participate to the World Sepsis day on the 11th of September in Paris at the Pasteur Institute. Meet us there.

More info on the website: http://journee-mondiale-sepsis.com/