LPS-BIOSCIENCES was selected as recipient by the CNRS for the call for projects against terrorism. This call was organized by Alain Fuchs, president of the National research organisation to promote projects that could help understanding, preventing and struggling against terrorists attacks after the Paris attacks in november.

One year later, LPS-BIOSCIENCES has produced two biological markers of bacteria involved in Bioterrorism to help research in developing new, efficient and rapid diagnostic tests. 

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The 10th edition of Lyonbiopole Partnering Days will be held on tuesday, October, 11th in Grenoble. Innovative partnership is placed innovation at the heart of this annual event, with the following program: 20 roundtable brainstorming, flash presentations of technologies and projects, networking moments. Over 300 participants, large companies, SMEs, clinicians and academics will be able to share their expertise, initiate unifying projects to address major health challenges and build the future of medicine.

LPS-BIOSCIENCES has been selected to participate and present its technological innovations during the flash presentations.  Feel free to come and meet us there, if you wish to discuss on endotoxins issues. 




The newest issue of the IEIIS newsletter (August 2016) is now available on the IEIIS web site. To view the newsletter, click on this link:
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For the first time since the founding of the European Shock Society (33 years ago), its congress will be held in France, and Paris will host the XVIIth Congress of the ESS from 13th to 15th September, 2017.

Online registration opens in November 2016.

Please visit the official website: www.essparis2017.org



The 14th Biennial meeting from International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society holds in Hamburg, Germany, on September 22nd-24th, 2016.

LPS-BIOSCIENCES will participate with 2 team members presenting their academic work on endotoxins structures and activities.

Meet us there.