BactiDIAG Project Members organized a meeting at LPS-BIOSCIENCES facilities in October to celebrate the two years of the project and discuss results and perspectives. 





LPS-BIOSCIENCES will be attending to the RDV CARNOT in Paris, October 18th 2017. 

Meet Frederic to discuss R&D opportunities. 





Serge Della Negra presented Andromede in Krakov, Polland during an oral presentation.

The Andromede project (ANR-10-EQPX-23) is a new instrument for surface modification, analysis and ionic imaging mass spectrometry using the impact of ions in the MeV range.

LPS-BIOSCIENCES is part of the project partners to explore the possibility of analyzing natural occurring endotoxins structures directly from membranes surfaces thanks to this new tool.

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Come and listen to our talk with Charles River on LER issues. 

Meet Martine and Flavien to discuss on the latest solutions for endotoxins detection and removal. 

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Come and meet us at the 17th Congress of European Shock Society, Paris, September 13-15, 2017.

LPS-BIOSCIENCES will be attending the poster session with a poster presenting a comparison of the various endotoxins detection and quantification methods used in sepsis studies.