Martine Caroff, DSc, will represent LPS-BIOSCIENCES at the 12th Bordetelles International Symposium in Brussels, Belgium, from 9 to 12 April 2019, presenting with Alexey Novikov a poster titled "AN UPDATE ON THE BORDETELLAENDOTOXINS SAGA", a summary of the results of 40 years of research and our latest developments on the endotoxins of this bacterial genus to which B. pertussis and B. parapertussis, whooping cough agents, belong.

Recent Article:

-A comparative study of the complete lipopolysaccharide structures and biosynthesis loci of Bordetella avium, B. hinzii, and B. trematum

Alexey Novikov, Nico Marr and Martine Caroff 

Biochimie, (2019) doi: 10.1016/j.biochi.2018.12.011. 





LPS-BIOSCIENCES is glad to welcome Tatiana KONDAKOVA, PhD, as the new Vaccine Group Leader.

She obtained her PhD in Cell Biology in the Laboratory of Microbiology Signals and Microenvironment at the University of Rouen, France (2012-2015) in collaboration with the Centre Régional d’Innovation et de Transfert Technologique (CERTAM) by working on airborne bacteria, and specializing in analysis of bacterial membrane lipids. Interested by this topic, she joined the Cronan Lab at the University of Illinois, USA (2016-2018) for studying the regulation of bacterial lipid biosynthesis, using genomics and biochemical tools. 


L’Association Clara BELLIVEAU lutte pour que des nourrissons ne meurent plus au 21e siècle de maladies pour lesquelles une solution préventive existe.

Elle organise un concert de Piano le samedi 13 octobre à Paris.








Meet us at the poster session and discuss our latest innovations in LPS production for using LPS in vaccine development or in sepsis in vivo models.


Congratulations to Gabriella and all the participants from EU Prize for Women Innovators 2018 !!!

Martine CAROFF was not far from the podium. We thank the organisation and the European Commission to promote Women in Sciences and Business. 

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