LPS-BIOSCIENCES will be sponsoring the Endotoxin Shock Society Congress 2017 in Paris at the Institut PASTEUR. 

For more detail concerning sponsors of this event, follow the link: http://www.essparis2017.org/#sponsors






The Latest book from Jean-Marc CAVAILLON was just released. 

La Flamme Salvatrice tells the history of the innate immunity discovery from early ages until now. 

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 Come and meet us in Paris at the Euro Vaccines congress. 

Alexey NOVIKOV, R&D Manager at LPS-BIOSCIENCES will be presenting our latest data concerning LPS diversity and the importance of structural characterization for vaccine development.

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 LPS-BIOSCIENCES will be attending the 17th Congress of European Shock Society in Paris, September 13-15, 2017.

Come and meet us to discuss about the latest news on endotoxins detection and structure to toxicity relationship. 

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 LPS-BIOSCIENCES will give a talk during the A3P Endotoxin Day on October, 4th 2017, Lyon

LER: Recognition and adaption of Gram Negative Organisms to environmental conditions – Modifications of LPS structures
Martine Caroff & Flavien Dardelle - LPS Biosciences // Nicola Reid - Charles River Microbial Solutions

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