Last November 2020, LPS-BioSciences was laureate of the call for projects “PM’Up Region Île-de-France”. The aim of this funding is to reward companies for their unique vision and soundness of their long-term projects.

The support provided will help LPS-BioSciences improving and expanding its adjuvant know-how in the field of SRAS-Cov-2 vaccines, as well as other infectious diseases ones.

Accordingly, LPS-BioSciences will be able:

-     To create a new job position

-        To increase bacterial components production useful in the vaccine domain (Lipopolysaccharides, Lipid A, Polysaccharides, Lipoteichoic Acids, MPLA…)

-        To increase the volume of endotoxin analyses and removal

-        To develop and extend its economic activity by enhancing its website impact

-        To diversify its activity through licensing