Dosage & Removal

Quant-LPS is a range of services designed for industrial companies willing to quantify endotoxins or detergents like triton.

Remov-LPS is a new range of services designed for industrial companies willing to remove endotoxins from therapeutic products.

We provide the following custom services and adapt our methods to your needs:


ENDOTOX: Expertise and advice for Endotoxins removal from therapeutic production

  • Guidance for industrial process improvement.
  • Easy and quick : 2 days advisory mission from our endotoxins experts.
  • Adapted to your need: First contact with conference call, review of your data, Complete report with advice and practical solutions, ending conference call to review the report.
  • Benefit: A complete review of your process and the possible solutions available to remove endotoxins.


QUANT-LPS: Endotoxins quantification with 3 different methods, Detergent (Triton) quantification 

  • Adapted to your need : Quantification of LPS using 3 different methods (LAL, LCMS, Colorimetric) depending on matrix and the risk of interference.
  • LAL alternative: Other LPS quantification methods to understand unusual or unavailable LAL results.
  • Possible calibration: adapted measures with your own LPS species or control samples from our collection.
  • Benefit: Quantification of LPS in difficult conditions such as protein charged samples or blood samples


REMOV-LPS: Endotoxins removal from therapeutic productions

  • LPS removal from therapeutic molecules batch productions:
    • Exo-polysaccharides for vaccine industry
    • Hyaluronic acid for cosmetic industry
  • Specific and adaptive depyrogenation development process and method
  • Benefit: Available industrial process improvement and tech transfer


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Dr. Jérôme Thévenon, Head of Microbiology R&D at
CEVA Phylaxia

"An important point, is the ability of LPS-BioSciences to integrate from the start of each project, the industrial and regulatory constraints we are facing, and to provide us results resolving them. "