LPS-BioSciences runs an innovative R&D program to develop tomorrow's adjuvants.



Adjuvants are essential ingredients of modern vaccines such as subunit or recombinant vaccines and have demonstrated some key achievement in the past enabling greater antibody production and longer duration of protection but not only. They enable to overcome non response and to put on the market new vaccines. Developing safer adjuvants can reduce the side effects linked with many vaccines.

The development of new classes of adjuvants is projected to drive growth and become an increasingly key area of R&D.





TLR4 Adjuvants

By stimulating the immune system, lipopolysaccharides can be used as immune adjuvants. The lipidic part, initially anchors in the bacterial membrane, gives a complex with MD2 protein and allows the attachment of the LPS to the TLR4 receptor on the surface of antigen presenting cells. This fixing stimulates the innate immune system by cytokines secretion, which is necessary to generate an adaptive immune response (Caroff et al. 2002).

This adjuvant capacity of TLR4 ligands is involved in the development of new vaccines. The adjuvant capacity of detoxified Lipid A molecules is well known and got FDA approval in 2009 to boost vaccine efficiency from several GSK vaccines. For many years, Monophosphoril Lipid A has shown its efficiency and its safety for being used an adjuvant in many vaccines. It has now become a reference for new adjuvants. 




Boost-LPS Adjuvants

Our goal is to go further and provide more effective adjuvants with the same safety that MPL has shown over the past 10 years. LPS-BioSciences developed a new platform enabling the detoxification of endotoxins without losing the polysaccharide part. It is also the antigenic determinant, and it may solubilize the lipid A better and enhance the recognition by the TLR4.

We are paving the way to develop a new kind of specific adjuvants with antigenic effects.

 We are glad to offer our expertise to all interested partners in the development of joint R&D projects concerning Endotoxins.